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Neurologist in Poland – the highest quality of care and treatment

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Neurological disorders are caused by many factors and are not necessarily associated with elder age. Problems with nervous system and urgent need for neurologist’ help can happen when you are in foreign country as well. You can count on neurologist for adults and pediatric neurologist from PsychoMedic team. Our specialist will diagnose your problem and propose you the best plan of treatment.

We’re experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of neurological disorders – such as:

  • Neuromuscular disorders;
  • Movement disorders;
  • Memory and cognitive functioning disorders;
  • Headache and conditions after head injuries;
  • Emergency cases.

Specialist from PsychoMedic will provide you with comprehensive assistance and care. We’re also cooperating with other doctors whenever it’s necessary for diagnosis.

Symptoms which should lead you to neurologist’ office

Symptoms of neurological disorders are often non-specific and can be confused with signs of exhaustion, simply poor memory or being overstrained. Many of them are de facto first symptoms of serious chronic ilnesses and should be adressed with professional treatment.

Those are symptoms that should alarm you and prompt you to visit neurologist’ office:

  • Overstimulation of the nervous system, p.e. hypersensitivity for touch;
  • Signs of neuromuscular disorders, p.e. excessive muscle tension or muscle weakness, spine stiffness, headache with neckache;
  • Problems with maintaining balance, movement disorders;
  • Abrupt memory loss, unability to concetrate at school or work;
  • Any ailments after head injury;
  • Frequent headache, migraine headache (s) ;
  • Referral to neurologist’ office from another specialist.

Our neurologist are qualified to provide all services necessary for the effective treatment of neurological disorders & nervous system conditions: you can receive a prescription, sick leave from work, referral to hospital or refferal for diagnosis in another facility.

We guarantee the highest quality of care at all stages of treatment: starting with the diagnosis, through selecting the best methods of therapy and finishing at prophylaxis after the treatment.

Complex treatment of chronic neurological disorders

In our clinics, we’re also treating patients who already have chronic neurological disorders’ diagnosis:

  • Nervous system disorders: epilepsy, Parkinson’ disease, Alzheimer’ disease and other nervous system diseases associated with neurodegeneration;
  • Neuromuscular disorders: multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neuropathy, spine’ degenerative diseases;
  • Movement disorders, p.e. ataxias, dystonias, functional movement disorders;
  • Cognitive / memory impairment, permanent memory loss;
  • Migraine headache.

There are many patients who already have a diagnose and visit us in order to get a second opinion. Complex diagnosis and effective treatment of neurological disorders sometime demands a cooperation between neurologist and other specialist. PsychoMedic is a multidisciplinary clinic, thanks to which you can also find great psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists in our team. Each PsychoMedic’ specialist in neurology works with our experts in other fields, whenever it’s essential to provide you with proper care.

Pediatric neurologist in English

Neurological disorders sometimes begin as early as during childhood. We know how stressful it is for parents when their children are struggling with health problems while whole family’s in a foreign country. Our neurologist specialized in treating children’ nervous system disorders speaks English fluently and will provide your child with quick help.

You should visit pediatric neurologist when your child experiences symptoms such as:

  • Hypersensitivity for touch and other signs of nervous system disfunctions;
  • Movement disorders, delayed physical development;
  • Signs of neuromuscular disorders: low muscle tone („floppy infant”);
  • Memory problems, learning difficulties due to poor memory functions;
  • Child behaves unusually after head injury;
  • Pediatric neurologist should also asses each child diagnosed with ADHD or ASD.

Pediatric neurologist makes a diagnosis based on an interview with parents and thorough physical examination.

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