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Neurologist Warsaw

Neurologist Warsaw

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Neurolog Warszawa

Neurologist Warsaw

Neurologist is a specialist who deals with both central and peripheral nervous system diseases. Neurological and psychological disorders can both have similar symptoms, but the treatment is completely different, which is why we have a neurologist in our team. A detailed diagnosis is crucial for an effective treatment and for it is ensures our patient’s recovery.

When should you visit a neurologist?
– various pains and aches (head, face, hand, ischias),
– paresis,
– dysaesthesia,
– abnormal coordination,
– dizziness and balance disorders,
– memory and other intellectual disorders.

Neurologist treats:
– strokes,
– Alzheimer disease,
– Parkinson disease,
– multiple sclerosis,
– celebral palsies and other palsies,
– epilepsy,
– muscle diseases.

How does the visit look like?
During the visit our specialist asks the patient detailed questions about his symptoms. This interview is crucial in neurology, because some of its’ elements may indicate the etiology of the disease. Secondly, the neurologist examines the patient neurologically. Oftentimes this examination helps to discover changes in nervous system, which would not be possible to discover even in a lab. The examination includes head and neck examine (skull nerves), top and bottom limbs (including feet) and the torso. Our neurologist also conducts a general medical examine.


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