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The psychological and psychiatric specialists from Clinic take mental processes – psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, addiction psychotherapists, sex therapists, coaches, dieteticians. We work as a team, train constantly in the latest global trends in medical therapy as well as psychotherapy and coaching. We participate in international research on the effectiveness of the latest treatment strategies. We work with major centers of medical and scientific research dealing with the treatment of mental disorders in Poland. We publish research and popular articles. We treat mental disorders, but also help in personal growth. Part of our team provides assistance to individuals and couples and families. Assistance offered by us is a comprehensive, this means that in our team there are specialists in various fields. At the first consultation, the specialist shows you the most effective plan of action, which may require the inclusion of other professionals. You do not have to look for them all over Warsaw, because everyone is in Clinic Working as a team we communicate with one another to keep you verify the effectiveness of the aid granted. We help using different approaches in psychotherapy. We are a team of psychotherapists cognitive: behavioral, psychodynamic and integration. We adapt psychotherapeutic approach to your needs and to what you want to achieve, by working together. We are especially passionate about our work.

Clinic is for us a place, where we can realize and fulfill the work for the good of others. Emotional involvement in life of our customers is very important to us. We perform our work with best care. This means that, in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Society of Psychiatric and Psychology we pernamently take supervision. Thanks to this our support is provided most effectively. An important aspect of our work is the principle of discretion. Recommendation of our customers is the best recognition of our efforts, the efforts to work towards personal development and treatment of mental suffering.

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