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English-speaking psychiatrist – professional help in depression and other mental health problems
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We know how many factors can have negative impact on mental health this days. Covid-19 pandemic, economic crisis, unstable situation at labor market – all of this are common reasons of depression, anxiety, and other mental issues (mental illness). The good news is that all of this problems doesn’t have to take your happiness and life satisfaction away from you. With help of our understanding and experienced psychiatrists & other mental health professionals, you can feel better and learn how to deal with daily problems more effectively. At PsychoMedic, we offer individual medical advice with psychiatrist. Our psychiatrists and other professionals are taking care of children, teenagers and adults’ mental health.

When our psychiatrist can help you with your mental health?

In many countries, psychiatrists are professionals that are qualified to provide medical advice (icluding physical exam, prescriptions etc) and so-called talk – therapies (psychotherapy). In Poland, most psychiatrists deal stricly with medical aspects of mental illness and mental issues, while psychological therapies are the main task of psychotherapists. Those professionals are usually psychologists who have completed 4-year post-graduate school.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any symptoms that indicate mental health problems or mental illness – you should start with visiting psychiatrist’ office. Individual medical advice will let you know whether your problem should be adressed with pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy or both. Our doctor will explain to you what your symptoms could mean and what precisely you should do to get your mental health back on track. Psychiatrist, as a medical professional, can also verify whether there’s a chance that your mental health conditions are caused by somatic disorders.

Professional medical advice on mental issues and mental health conditions

Our psychiatrist will help you if you’re experiencing:

  • Symptoms that could be caused by depression: constant sadness, problems with concentration, anger control, problems with motivate yourself to get your work done etc;
  • Constant stress, psychosomatic symptoms, obsessiveness (OCD) or other problems that may be related with anxiety mental health conditions;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Abrupt mood changes;
  • Mental issues caused by individual problems, p.e. divorce, breakup, job loss.

Medical advice at PsychoMedic is always provided by understanding psychiatrists, experienced in diagnosing and treating mental illness – such as:

  • Depression;
  • Other mental illness related to mood stability: bipolar disorder, dysthymia;
  • Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, panic disorders, phobias;
  • Acute stress reaction and PTSD, disorders caused by chronic stress;
  • Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia and other;
  • Personality disorders;
  • Mental health conditions during pregnancy and childbed;
  • Mental issues typical for elder Patients;
  • Schizophrenia and other mental illness (es) associated with psychotic symptoms.

Each psychiatrist at PsychoMedic team have the newest knowledge about professional mental health care and most effective therapies. If you were under psychiatrists’ care in other country and now you are out of your meds or you’ve been just released from hospital – our professionals will provide you with comprehensive assistance. You can count on our individual approach to you. Our psychiatrist will either continue treatment prescribed for you or modify therapy / therapies prescribed.

At PsychoMedic, you will receive all the help you need

In our clinics, each Patient is treated as unique individual. On the basis of examination conducted during the medical advice, our psychiatrist can:

  • Give you a prescription for necessary medications;
  • Prepare an opinion about Patient’ mental health;
  • If your symptoms are seriously inhibiting your daily routine, mental health professionals can give you sick leave for few days or even few weeks;
  • In case of serious mental health conditions, psychiatrists are also allowed to write referral to hospital.

All of this actions are included in the price of medical advice with psychiatrists for adults or with mental health professionals for children.

Why we are trust-worthy?

We are highly qualified and experienced in treating depression, anxiety and other mental issues.

We bring together the best professionals in treating mental illness (es) and problems. At PsychoMedic, you can consult with psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist and other specialists. We conduct state-of-the-art, most recommended therapies for mental disorders.

Medical advice available face-to-face and online, wherever and whenever you need.

You can make an appointment with English-speaking doctor in one of our clinics in Poland or have your visit online, via Skype or via telephone.

We know that the most effective way to treat depression or other mental illness is pharmacotherapy combined with talk – therapies.

Our psychologists are qualified in CBT, psychodynamic therapy, schema therapy and other professional therapies. We offer group therapy and individual psychotherapy.

If you’re struggling because of depression, anxiety or chronic stress, don’t hesitate and let us help you.
Make an appointment online or call one of our English-speaking consultants: 799 399 499