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Psychologist Warsaw

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Psychologist Warsaw

Our psychologists combine knowledge in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. We have additional qualifications for conducting psychotherapy.

After the stage of diagnosis difficulties you will be able to enter the same professional psychotherapeutic work on the road leading to your internal changes.

Psychologist at the meeting will carry out diagnostic psychological interview with more specific knowledge about your difficulties. Please take with you earlier psychological test results, the card extracts from hospitals, list of drugs you have been taking. At the next meeting, the psychologist will present you an opinion, will discuss the results of the study and recommendations.

Our team consists of specialists capable of highly qualified boast not only substantive, but above all they are people approaching their work with passion, commitment and responsibility, emotional maturity.

Psychologist diagnose – define, characterize, propose a way out of your difficulties from the psychological, to provide advice and support when implementing changes if you try new behaviors.



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