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Sexologist Warsaw

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Seksuolog Warszawa PsychoMedic.plSpecialist (in the field of medicine or psychology) who treats problems in sexual life. This can be a doctor (includes medication) or a psychologist (works using psychological methods over the difficulties and barriers in the sexual sphere psychiatric patient and steam).

It treats erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and sexual desire. Women may aid in the treatment of painful intercourse, abnormal sexual desire, inability to complete sexual intercourse as a result of such vaginismus, lack of or difficulty in achieving orgasm. It also helps in disorders of sexual preference (paraphilias such as fetishism) and gender identity disorders.

Our specialists continually further their education in the latest global trends in drug treatment as well as psychological methods. They also take part in international research on the effectiveness of the latest treatment strategies. Gained experience or are still working on the major medical and scientific research dealing with human sexual life in Poland. We make every effort to consult with a sexologist was in a friendly atmosphere – respect, trust, unconditional acceptance of you and your partner.



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