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English-speaking psychologist

Professional help from English-speaking clinical psychologists in Poland
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Clinical psychologists’ help is invaluable when you need professional advice, emotional support or diagnosis in order to find out what’s going on with you. We know it’s hard to find good and quickly available, English-speaking psychologist in Poland. That’s why we have a wide offer of mental health services at PsychoMedic: including psychological intervention, long-term therapy and diagnosis (psychological tests) in English. We help children, teenagers and adult Patients. Our psychologists are highly qualified and experienced in treating depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

How to find and when to visit a professional psychologist?

The main aim of psychology is not only to help people with mental illness, but also to help people in achieving their personal goals and maintaining mental health. First conversation with psychologist is usually focused on defining your problem and your needs. Sometimes psychologists use psychological tests in order to learn more about Patient’ problem and her/his personality characteristics. Usually those tests are not necessary though – empatic conversation is sufficient tool for psychologist to get to know you better.

Psychologists are helping people who’re suffering because of:

  • Depression, mood swings;
  • Constant anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, phobias) and chronic stress;
  • Consequences of traumatic experiences in the past;
  • Difficult time in life and problems that could have impact on mental health (loss of loved one, breakup, job loss);
  • Eating disorders;
  • Personality disorders;
  • Mental illness (es) such as: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other – in such cases pharmacotherapy is the main treatment method, but therapy with psychologist can be very important in easing your symptoms.

In Poland, therapists are professionals with Master’s degree (usually in psychology) who also completed 4-years long, post-graduate school in psychotherapy. Some of them have doctoral degree (PhD), although it is not necessary to practice as a professional psychotherapist. Nonetheless, if ’t’s important to you, English-speaking psychologists / therapists with doctoral degree are also available at PsychoMedic.

How psychologists can help you with your mental health?

There’s various options of mental health services for children, teenagers and adult Patients:

Advice from psychologist / psychological intervention

It’s an option for people who are in temporary crisis or in need of professional advice (about how to deal with children, partner in romantic relationship etc). In such cases, psychologist makes a diagnosis based on conversation with you and usually offers a few appointments. You can receive an emotional support during those meetings and intensively work on solving your difficulties as well. During such appointments you can also educate yourself about psychology and ways to take care of own mental health.


Psychotherapy is a way to cope even with the hardest problems from your present and your past. Meetings with psychotherapist are also the possibility to learn more about own personality characteristics and modify them in order to avoid some problems in the future. The aim of therapy is also to help you in achieving self-acceptance and raising skills important in relationships with family, friends and romantic partners. Regular meetings with psychotherapist are considered as effective way to deal with depression, anxiety or other mental illness.


Psychological diagnosis is recommended when you suspect that you or your child could have some kind of mental health condition or mental illness: such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, personality disorder. Such diagnosis is based on psychological tests: tests in form of questionnaires (in case of adult Patients) or diagnostic tests in form of structured play or conversation (usually in case of younger Patients). Psychological tests last from one to five meetings with psychologists. You will get your „results” in form of written psychological opinion with explained diagnosis and recommendations.

Psychologists from PsychoMedic team are using professional tests only – such as:

Personality tests, mostly MMPI-2

Tests created to evaluate cognitive functioning and your ability to concentrate: MOXO, DIVA-5 and other;

Intelligence and social functioning tests for children: Stanford-Binet, Leiter-3 and other tests;

ADOS-2, considered as the best and most reliable tool to diagnose autism spectrum disorder.

PsychoMedic – the guarantee of quality

Members of PsychoMedic team are professionals in mental health (psychology, psychiatry), neurology and other areas. Therefore our psychologists can recommend you other specialist if necessary. We know that mental health cannot wait – that’s why our clinics are open from Monday to Sunday and usually we can offer an appoinment at the same day in which someone contact us. PsychoMedic is the guarantee of quick and effective help in treating mental illness.

Appointments are available face-to-face and online. You can visit us in one of our mental health clinics in Poland or have your consultation online, via Skype or via telephone.

We provide high quality and safe care. Our psychologists are using only internationally recommended and empirically verified psychological tests while our psychiatrists use only safe and tested medications in Patients’ treatment.

Emotional support and help in crisis, depression and other mental health problems & disorders.
Make an appointment online or call us: 799 399 499